Catering to large Construction projects Clean Concepts is experienced and reliable at delivering builders cleans and handover cleaning to many of Adelaide’s biggest builders.

The questions asked by Builders when selecting a cleaning contractor can include –

  • Are you going to provide the correct amount of labour to meet the program and can this be called upon on short notice?
  • What level of supervision is going to be exercised by the cleaning contractor ?
  • Can you supply us with the required safety documents (SWMS, MSDS)
  • Are your cleaners experienced with expensive and new finishes?

Our experience and delivery generally satisfies the above questions and criteria looked for when selecting a Builders clean contractor.

Experienced and Reliable

We are experienced in cleaning multi storey and multi-residential developments, and single storey residential developments such as new homes, townhouses, and apartments. Our builders cleaning capabilities extend to hotels under renovation, shopping centres getting a new fit-out or being expanded, and commercial centres being upgraded, such as offices, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

Builders cleaning at different stages of the development keeps the site safe and neat for everyone involved. Ask us to tailor a cleaning plan that fits with your requirements and your building company’s schedule. From the pre-build stage, through to cleaning the completed premises, we will clean up after the tradies, busting the dust and indoor allergens that result from construction work and removing the scrap materials. 

Commercial cleaning in accordance with the building sector comes with some heavy-duty requirements. We are strongly committed to occupational health and safety standards. Our team follows all of the obligations set by larger construction project teams, including wearing personal protective equipment, carrying white cards and other permits, and supplying supporting documentation as necessary. We are fully insured with $20 million worth of public liability insurance.

Clever Builders Cleaning

When we have ticked all of the building company’s boxes and double checked your requirements, we get to work on the host of cleaning tasks that make a new development a pristine and attractive place for you or your tenants to live or work in.

Building creates loads of remnant supplies that need to be properly removed and disposed of or recycled. As the construction process reaches its final stages, your new flooring needs to be vacuumed and scrubbed to highlight its natural surface, and heavy dust needs to be washed from the finishes in every room, including shelves and cupboards, light fittings, appliances, and fans. Your mirrors and windows need to shine.

We take pride in training our staff to be able to tackle every cleaning job with the right products, using the best method. Our cleaners all have a few tricks in their bag to beat stains and grime, including using pressure washing, steam cleaning, buffing, and stripping and sealing.

If you are managing larger building projects that will continue for months or more, you will benefit from having us onboard to do construction site cleaning and maintenance cleans. When a section of the building is complete, we prepare it for occupancy while other areas are still being constructed. You will enjoy there being less downtime in your business while construction progresses, and your employees or tenants will appreciate their sparkling, professional new workspace. In addition to the surrounds of the rooms such as the walls, windows, and carpets or hard flooring, we will spruce up the other areas of your new premises such as the foyer and entrance, bathrooms and toilets, kitchens and lunchrooms, change rooms, lifts and escalators, and carparks and outdoor areas.

Call Us Today

Get in touch to talk about your new building and what it will need to be presented at its best. If your building project is in its early stages, we can provide you with a quote off the plan. Our level of quality and consistency is high, while our pricing is affordable, no matter the size and scope of your job.

We can also supply you with references from our previous construction cleaning clients so you can see what they have to say about our work. We look forward to sharing our innovative solutions, general advice, and comprehensive approach to cleaning up your building project.

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Here’s some recent large commercial builders cleans we have completed in the past year:

Artisan Apartments – Builders clean and final clean to a 6 level commercial building with 50 brand new apartments. cleaning of external windows with boom lift. high pressure blasting of car park and piles.

Hindmarsh Construction.

Bath Hotel – Builders clean and final clean of 6 level commercial building with 27 brand new apartments.

Buildtec Construction

262 South Terrace – Builders clean and final clean to 14 story commercial building with 65 brand new apartments

Marshall & Brougham Construction

In 2018 we cleaned at the Adelaide festival center and Adelaide’s tallest residential building, Kodo apartments.

We are great at cleaning up after large construction projects and we are trusted by Tier 1 builders. We can also deliver value to your smaller construction project, whether its a single house or after a renovation. We offer great rates and can supply the right amount of labour to meet your schedule. Our teams are efficient and well established so you can expect quality and value.