Packing up your belongings in preparation to move from the place you have been living in, is a big task all on its own. Add a big list of cleaning jobs to the to-do list, and things can get overwhelming. Call us in to help. Adelaide residential bond cleaning is one of our specialties at JN Services. Our focus is to make your exit clean as easy as possible, giving you both peace of mind and your bond back quickly.

Cleaner than Before

We have successfully conducted professional end of lease cleaning services for hundreds of Adelaide clients, each year, since we started offering the service in 2016.

Most people’s needs are taken care of with our fixed-price exit cleaning options that clean one to four bedrooms, one or two toilets and bathrooms, and one living area. If your property is a bit bigger, has luxury finishes, or needs challenging outdoor or high up areas cleaned, you will benefit from our custom bond cleaning service. We will be happy to give you a free quote.

Throughout your tenancy, you have maintained and cleaned your property to the best of your ability. Our end of lease cleaning staff are trained in being able to spruce up the spaces and corners in your rented home that you might have forgotten or missed, or that need special treatment. Having us get down to the nitty gritty of cleaning the dirtiest areas leaves you free to focus on your own “heavy lifting” to pack and move out. Every property endures normal wear and tear but, once we are finished our exit cleaning, we are sure that your property will look even better than when you moved in.

Done Right the First Time

We have the equipment, tools and methods to do every job on your move out cleaning schedule. In fact, we have earned a reputation for getting the bond cleaning done right the first time, and our work is guaranteed. But, if you or your landlord finds something we have missed, or something needs to be gone back over, we will immediately return to fix the problem.

The cleansers and sanitisers we use for all our end of lease cleans are non-toxic and biodegradable. They are gentle on the textures of the surfaces in the property, including carpets, linoleum, timber, glass, tiles and grout. Stains, marks, dust, cobwebs, mould and mildew will all be wiped, scrubbed, vacuumed and mopped away. We can easily clean your property’s walls from finger prints, food stains, dust and other organic matter if the paint is washable and undamaged.

Our bond cleaning services include cleaning of windows and window skills, cupboards both inside and on top, carpets, cook tops and ovens, and upholstery, if required. We can use pressure washing techniques on outdoor surfaces to ensure the whole property is neat and clean.

Make an Easy Exit

We understand that moving house is a busy time, but it does not have to be headache-inducing. Get in touch and talk with us about the rental property you are exiting and the vacate cleaning requirements that you need to meet. We will make your end of lease cleaning a smooth and time-efficient process, helping you to get resettled in your new property with your bond money back in your pocket.

To secure an end of lease clean in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, we will ask you for a $50 deposit to be paid upon booking via bank transfer, credit card or cash. The remainder of the price will be paid upon completion of the job. We look forward to helping you to clean up your rental property with ease.

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In 2018 we completed 253 end of lease cleans around Adelaide.

Residential bond cleaning is one of our specialities, and JN Services has been offering professional, end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide for several years now. We have budget fixed-priced end of lease cleaning options that fit most people’s needs. We also offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing if you require them.